Saturday, March 29, 2014


Ancient alignments of towns, temples, shrines, monuments, and other things WITH the flights of birds, flocks of birds, as well as 'the paths of Stars' across the Sky or heaven(s) had a purpose that today's 'URBAN ERECTIONS' do not possess.


Ever have I heard of marvelous and wonderful things on earth as well as of other worlds possible.

The BETTER,if not the BEST, of us stride heedlessly over the hills and through the valleys of GREAT NATURE to survive where others stumble, falter, fall and stop.

CIVILIZATIONS flower and fade, decay and turn to ruin, replaced by others sometimes on top of the gathered dust and rubble. Some civilizations are deliberately destroyed by, their peoples enslavened or scattered or murdered, slain during and after battles or bombed into oblivion.

As we sift through the remains and the various layers of such remnants and pieces, arranging them to make some sort of study and sense of their previous existence, we must realize that we who are doing this will be the subjects of some future, similar inqujiry as to why we no longer exist.  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

AIMS from childhood to the present

Aside from being a 'cowboy' influenced by western/cowboy/gunslinger,etc. movies that featured all kinds of actors and characters, my first 'real' aim was to be an archeologist when I was around 9 or 10 years old and attending a one-room country school in Cornish,NH. Some of the impetus and desire for this 'aim' was given me by THE WONDER BOOKS, which I have mentioned in other places at other times and which somewhat set me at odds with the teachers,the schools, and, of course, various classmates who did not, obviously share, such interests or the quest for 'knowledge' or 'truth' but who were deep into the various antics of most around that age, from sports, fishing, hunting, etc. and they all had to work at chores quite different from those I did or did not do and either could or could not do or was not allowed to do,save for those I was allowed to do. Consequently, my imagination since a child has been most active in various ways and never really understood by others perhaps or appreciated,save in some rare instances, when some 'imaginative insights' perhaps eased their burdens, saved their asses, or gave them a jolt of some kind.           My wanderings about the farm and in the woods at various times of the year, and other 'exploits' kept me on my toes and showed me that I must stay active to stay sane, that is, not remain on levels and doing things on scales determined by others for me to do or achieve,etc.                                                                                                 My grandfather, my father's father, had an interest in history, reading, travels,etc. although not the usual kind we think of nowadays. He only went to the eighth grade and one year beyond  in the same school in Cornish and had wanted to be an electrician at the time. He ended up a carpenter and a millwright, working until the day he died. He often pointed out unusual things to me, such as on a trip to Pittsfield, MA where some of his nieces and my cousins lived, at Museum there. He had visited the Museum there and took me to see the MUMMY, my first Egyptian Mummy, in the case. The Mummy had one toe exposed where the foot had become slightly unwrapped. There were other things there but I can't recall them and I have not ever made a trip back to revisit the place and wonder if the Mummy is still there with his toe exposed!                                                                                            My Grandfather had also been working in Rhode Island and became aware of the famous 'Viking Tower' and had visited it and he often discussed it with me. We also discussed the BIBLE and the question of 'WHO WAS CAIN'S WIFE?" and I even submitted a letter, when I was in Junior High School at Stevens in Claremont, to THE CHRISTIAN HERALD, a magazine my grandmother had subscribed to for me as she thought it would do me good, apparently. My letter gave the 'ingenious' solution, also held by my grandfather,that CAIN'S WIFE WAS AN APE! It seems that neither my grandfather or myself were the only ones that put forth that observation/conclusion. Although some thought that Cain married his sister,whoever she was as did Seth. Women were not mentioned too much in a 'patriarchal society' of fruit-herb-leaf-plant-nut,etc. gatherers and sheep-goat herders of those days after Eden.                                              

All this is, of course, 'ancient history',parts of my early life and not really on the topic. However, in college I became more aware of history and archaeology and ancient art of various cultures from some of the courses I took there, a listing of which show I was interested in nearly everything except my required courses  or major, although I had become interested in PSYCHOLOGY in high school and more so when I bought my Modern Library Edition of THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS by Sigmund Freud which I read from cover to cover over several years along with other books I found in the library on the same and different things. I liked the pose of Freud on the cover and dreams occupied my sleeping hours every night and so on, plus my mother used to discuss the meaning of dreams plus other 'fortune-telling' arts, activities, and practices among other things and some of her 'premonitions','predictions' and 'ideas' etc.                                  

In college I wrote a paper for English, I believe, on: THE ORIGIN(S) OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS and delved into a great overloaded field of speculation and theories that had a wide range,some of which are 'occult','esoteric' and based on many things neither supported or confirmed or accepted by 'standard' or 'varied' authorities and 'experts' that also included and still does, a lot of interesting aspects and studies and travels by others on this topic and many others. The general public often finds such 'sensational revelations' to their liking and their mystification, and I can't blame them for wanting to learn some 'unofficial secrets' that have not been let out as 'official' secrets.

I still have that paper among my files along with other many student papers and projects that someday I might 'reveal' to an awaiting public anxious to invade my 'privacy' or to 'assume my identity' and hopefully paying all my bills and debts that I have without me spending a 'red cent' (not meaning a communist kopek, of course).

Unfortunately, I have not been able to set foot in all the ruins and sites of ancient towns and cities, temples and sacred sites or areas of special significance for life on earth that still vibrate with things from the past and this also includes many 'natural' wonders like caves, mountains or rivers and forests,etc. that I would like to do so if I have the wealth of some of the plutocrats now 'creating jobs' and 'bringing democracy to the world' and similar 'humanitarian' projects when they are not busy vacationing in their condos, villas, resorts or casinos and the like.

Nevertheless, I have had some opportunities to do a bit of this while also not following through with other opportunities and 'magnetic-attractions' but my regrets at not doing so have only enabled me to look and revisit my motives and aims in life along with other things. It is for these and for a few others that I mention all this 'ancient' history in my slightly 'expurgated'  version here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Since childhood, I have long been interested in Archeology after I read a lot about it when I was around ten and shared a similar interest with an older classmate, when we went to a one-room school....we both wanted at the time, to become 'archologists' long before the 'Indiana Jones' craze emerged(my name is Jones, by the way, and though I enjoyed seeing some of the movies, I took a particular dislike to one scene, the one where Indiana takes out his pistol and kills a double-sword wielding attacker, a typical Hollywood, and older radio program, ploy to render martial arts seemingly ineffective and so forth....which audiences all eat up,of course....well, I did not want to start out with this topic exactly and have and will address this isssue of swords and knives vs firearms,etc. another time and in other places as well..... My friend gave up on being an archeologist and at the time, claimed he wanted to become a historian, and, of course, he did not become a historian and went into other things, ending up, I am told, as a 'hairdresser' with a chain of salons in California...though I had heard that he had worked for Life Magazine supposedly and lived a while in Washington state but I never learned if such were true or not.. He did have an acting talent and was in several plays, recruiting me for one to play a role of a ten-year-old genius when I was in High School at the time or in Jr. High... He put on magic shows and used marionettes,which we called 'puppets' but which are not, since they require strings and some dexterity to manipulate. The classes, from grade five to eight always tried to explain or find out how the tricks were done...of course, I had long been interested in magic tricks, like most boys around those ages, and had seen magicians of various talents from time to time, plus reading a lot of books that 'revealed' the secrets to some extent or described how to perform them and I did at various times 'put on small shows' and do small tricks which I cannot do now and never attempt anymore.... I did not become an archeologist for several reasons.....my grandmother,my father, and other relatives, as well as well-meaning adults, all tried to dissuade me from becoming one, saying that 'digging up old bones' did not amount to anything and that I should take up a more sensible and lucrative career,like medicine, law, or engineering or even agriculture, irrespective of any talent, ability, funds, or interest in such, just to meet the expectations of that society and culture which was around the '50's( I graduated from High School in 1954 and college in 1958).....but I did keep my interest in archeology and some related areas over the years and now am 'catering' to 'a lost cause' and simply reading and watching some videos,etc. now and then on such topics..... I suppose it was the glamourous movies and serials, as well as radio programs, and some documentaries as well reading all kinds of books on adventures, travels, etc. fictional and non-fictional that kept my interest alive, plus a number of recondite subjects that often accompany these things...like lost cities, lost civilizations, deep jungles, high mountains, unusual cultures, etc. and a few of the subjects I took on various things... At any rate, I will expand on some themes that I have found somewhat interesting, at times controversial, and a few personal exploits and observations that may be somewhat relevant....